Encouraging Metamorphosis through self-discovery

who can benefit from therapy? Absolutely anyone and everyone!
We are all wounded in one way or another, but you don't have to be the victim of unfortunate EVENTs that may have happened in your life.

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Treatment for Addictions

Aren’t you exhausted by the effort it takes to support your addiction?  Have you told so many lies, both to yourself and to others, that you can no longer remember whom you told what?  Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just be “like a normal person”, and not need drugs or alcohol to feel okay?  treatment for addictions

I have been in recovery for over 10 years and I can bear witness to the freedom and distinct joy that comes from conquering your addiction.  I understand the compulsion to use substances, despite sometimes catastrophic consequences, in an attempt to self-medicate emotional issues.  I have worked with countless addicts and alcoholics, and have helped them wrestle free from their own addictions and reclaim their lives.  Life is beautiful, and experiencing life sober and free from the clouds of addiction is within your reach! 

Substance abuse is just a symptom of deeper underlying issues that may be uncomfortable to address.  I use a cognitive-behavioral approach and incorporate accountability and self-efficacy to encourage my clients in their recovery. You may have tried countless times to get sober—DON’T GIVE UP!  Addiction is a disease and it requires life-long management.  It often takes several tries before you really “get it”, but you CAN do it and you’re so very worth the effort!